:: Team Building Activities ::

We have an evolving portfolio, currently on the web site there are several different formats, divided into categories to help you choose!

Murder Dinner

Our actors will put on stage an Agatha Christie – like murder and the groups will have to piece together the truth.
It is up to you discover the name of the murderer!

Lego Building

How long has it been since you have played the legendary Lego Bricks?
Jump back in to the past with us together with your colleagues for a very educational and entertaining team building.

Stuntman for a day

Being a Stuntman for a day in a funny and exciting team building activity! The participants face different driving exercises using special vehicles. Driving tests very special and fun!

Fashion Show

The organization of a fashion shows needs many different tasks: stylists, models, lighting technicians, sound, music and a presenter. Only if the team works perfectly the fashion show will be a success!

Vintage Tour

Around Rome or the Tuscany hills on board of vintage cars and Vespa to discover new and fantastic views and glimpse in an original way.


Rugby is the excellence team sport, only a cohesive and highly motivated team can get the goal! But the respect for the rules and the rival should never be less.

Street Fund Raising

The Street Fund Raising is a social working team building. The teams will have to collect money for charity with the support of our street artists. Thus, the social team building will get fun and coloured!


Fencing, protagonist of most sport events is an activity anyone can take part to just by having excellent reflexes. We will think about everything else, providing and transporting all the materials and the equipment everywhere.


Quiz is always fascinating and today, thanks to the wireless remote controls we can get more people involved to play together, maybe during a gala dinner..

Desert Experience

A company adventure travel, an unique and strong experience to reinforce the personal relationship and start to work together as a team in an effective and efficient way.


Take a seat at the gaming tables like a real casino. The teams will have to manage the budget with caution. Place your bets!

Chocolate Factory

All together in the kitchen but this time the menu will be based on chocolate!
A good imagination is essential in the kitchen in order to realize a main course and sides with chocolate. The dessert will be easier!

Flash Mob

Flash mob is a group choreography organized in public places in a sudden and sensational way. It is often used as a final activity of treasure hunt or other kind of team building.


The sailing experience has always been a great metaphor for company life: only a close-knit team can get the best from its boat.

Master Maserati

Master Maserati, a sporty driving class on board of the faster and most powerful Maserati GT, organized in cooperation with the manufacturer.


Large format painting, graffiti and artistic expressions: each team will have its own 2×1 panel in order to impress its message and leave its indelible traces.

Off Road Challenge

It is an adventurous event on board of our BMW, Jeeps, quads and karts cross. Motors are in our DNA and this team building activity is our strong suit!

Carton Boat

Carton does not have an easy life in the water, but by carefully designing and building your carton boat you can obtain miraculous results!

Olympic Games

Corporate Olympic Games revised our way: we are not looking for purely sports performance, instead we try to involve and entertain everyone, even the less athletic ones.


Let’s discover the world of TV commercials bringing our guests on a real film set!
Each team will have an HD camera and several costumes in order to express the theme assigned as best as they can.