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Teambuldinig.it created Team Building Activities for all kind of requests both educational and recreational. In fact, team building’s benefits are not just limited to product goals, they go beyond, making all participants feel like members of a team, increasing their confidence and their social skills.


Team building is particularly helpful for newly created groups, in order to establish a relationship of trust and empathy among the members, for a group in crisis, in order to rediscover dynamism and collaboration, for a group under pressure, in order to regain the right approach to problem solving.

Teambuilding.it is composed by a team of professionals highly experienced in planning and creating team building, corporate events and incentives.



Our staff is composed by more than 75 team builders. Equipped with the proper tools and with a high level of experience, we are able to plan an event wherever our clients ask for it: in Italy or even abroad and for any team size, indoor or outdoor, day or evening.

Our flexibility, creativity and experience is at your company’s service in order to create every time innovative and original team building activities!

Every event is planned and created ad hoc: where and when our client ask for it. All the activities are tailored to the client’s needs and goals.

“Our passion gives us motivation, our experience makes us grow, and innovation distinguishes us in creating a unique job that constantly needs to be reinvented”


If you would like to find out more about the programs and activities that we run, please get in touch. – #teambuilding

You can call 0039 3496544619 or send an email to info@teambuilding.it