Over 45 agency and 300 clients chose for their events!


Over 80,000 participants in our team building!


In 2016 over 80 team building events all over Italy, indoor, outdoor and entertaining!


500,000 €/year of average turnover in the last 6 years, meaning of great solidity and reliability!


We were born in 2004, It’s already 13 years since we started our activities!

:: Our team building! ::

We have several different team building formats, but our strength is that we do everything ourselves, so we can personalize and mix the various ingredients to create an event that is unique and memorable.

Below is a random selection of our activities, click here to see all!


Take a seat at the gaming tables like a real casino. The teams will have to manage the budget with caution. Place your bets!

Murder Dinner

Our actors will put on stage an Agatha Christie – like murder and the groups will have to piece together the truth.
It is up to you discover the name of the murderer!

Photo Competition

Participants are divided into teams, supervised by a professional photographer with a professional camera. A topic shared with the client will be decided and the teams will have to take some photographs.

Lego Building

How long has it been since you have played the legendary Lego Bricks?
Jump back in to the past with us together with your colleagues for a very educational and entertaining team building.