Over 45 agency and 300 clients chose for their events!


Over 80,000 participants in our team building!


In 2016 over 80 team building events all over Italy, indoor, outdoor and entertaining!


500,000 €/year of average turnover in the last 6 years, meaning of great solidity and reliability!


We were born in 2004, It’s already 13 years since we started our activities!

:: Our team building! ::

We have several different team building formats, but our strength is that we do everything ourselves, so we can personalize and mix the various ingredients to create an event that is unique and memorable.

Below is a random selection of our activities, click here to see all!

Photo Competition

Participants are divided into teams, supervised by a professional photographer with a professional camera. A topic shared with the client will be decided and the teams will have to take some photographs.

Chocolate Factory

All together in the kitchen but this time the menu will be based on chocolate!
A good imagination is essential in the kitchen in order to realize a main course and sides with chocolate. The dessert will be easier!

Street Fund Raising

The Street Fund Raising is a social working team building. The teams will have to collect money for charity with the support of our street artists. Thus, the social team building will get fun and coloured!


Let’s discover the world of TV commercials bringing our guests on a real film set!
Each team will have an HD camera and several costumes in order to express the theme assigned as best as they can.

Vintage Tour

Around Rome or the Tuscany hills on board of vintage cars and Vespa to discover new and fantastic views and glimpse in an original way.

Cooking Class

A classic team building in the kitchen that can have many aspects to make the activity always new and spicy.