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The Team Building Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt

Exploring, having fun, and making connections: The Team Building Treasure Hunt

If there is one thing we know well, it is an exciting opportunity for team members to grow together, have fun and make lasting bonds. And that is exactly what our Team Building Treasure Hunt offers: an immersive experience that stimulates your creativity as you explore the city in a completely new way. An exciting and fun treasure hunt.

A digital and human adventure:

Imagine yourself divided into teams, with your tablets in hand, ready to plunge into a digital adventure through the streets of the city. But beware, it is not just a matter of following a preset application. With our Treasure Hunt Team Building you will be dealing with real people. You will be followed virtually by our staff who will support you the entire time by sending you riddles, special tasks, and handling any unforeseen issues you may run into. There will also be our on-site staff who, in addition to explaining the activity and handing over the tablets, will remain in the area at all times to handle any unforeseen issues and ensure that the experience is always at the highest level.

Exploring and discovering:

The Treasure hunt activity is not only a way to test your puzzle-solving skills, but also an opportunity to explore the city, discover its hidden treasures, savor its culture and traditions. We will lead you through historic monuments, uncover curiosities and take you on unique experiences that will make your day unforgettable.

Challenges and personal growth:

During the treasure hunt, you will be constantly challenged to think creatively, adapt quickly to new situations, and collaborate effectively with your teammates. This will not only strengthen your team spirit, but also help you develop personal skills such as problem solving and the ability to think outside the box.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a team building experience that combines fun, exploration and personal growth, our Treasure Hunt is exactly right for you. Discover the city in a completely new way, test your skills and create indelible bonds with your colleagues. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting treasure hunt!


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