Team Building to Revolutionize Corporate Dinners

Can Team Building and corporate dinners coexist synergistically?

Corporate dinners can often feel like a repetitive routine, lacking innovation and genuine participant engagement. How many times have you heard the question, “Tired of the same old and monotonous corporate dinner?”

It’s time to break the monotony and breathe new life into corporate dinners, offering your guests a unique and enjoyable experience. Especially with the year-end dinners approaching! In this article, we will explore various solutions to make corporate dinners memorable, engaging, and interactive through team-building activities. These events not only break the routine but also allow participants to be actively involved, making dinner a unique experience.


From Ordinary to Extraordinary

From a “Murder Mystery Dinner” to a customized and enigmatic “Christmas Escape,” or from a classic “Quiz Show” to a format based on the five senses, the options to make corporate dinners extraordinary are endless. For those who love cinema, there’s the “Movie Game,” which highlights the cinematic world, or “Sarabanda,” which focuses on the music world. These events are designed to cater to a wide range of tastes, offering a surprising alternative to typical corporate dinners.

Active Participation

What truly sets team building apart from traditional entertainment? What distinguishes team building during dinner is the active involvement of participants. Unlike classic corporate dinners where guests are passive spectators, in these events, they are an integral part of the action. This aspect makes the experience much more engaging and memorable. Participants are not mere observers but actors in the plot, solving puzzles, playing games, and experiencing challenges that require collaboration and strategic thinking.


Discover All Our Formats

Wondering which format might be best for your corporate dinner? Come and explore all our formats, each with its unique characteristics. Whether you’re a team of detectives ready to solve a mysterious murder or general knowledge enthusiasts ready to test your expertise, there’s an experience for you.

The Options: A World of Choices

Among the available options are:

  • Dinner with Murder – The Unveiled Intrigue

If you love mystery and excitement, the “Dinner With Murder” is the perfect event. Participants are immersed in an intriguing criminal plot where they must uncover the culprit. Put on your detective hats and get ready to solve the case. A perfect blend of mystery and fun. –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Christmas Escape – An Enigmatic Christmas Getaway

For a touch of Christmas, try the “Christmas Escape.” Immerse yourself in an enigmatic atmosphere, solving riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers to reach your goal: opening the mysterious package. What’s inside? Will you be able to decipher the clues and save Christmas? –> Click HERE to learn more

  • QuizzOne – An Interactive Quiz

The “QuizzOne” offers an engaging and entirely customizable quiz experience. Participants are divided into teams and challenged with general knowledge questions: music, sports, geography, and how about enriching it with some company-related questions? Beware: the competition is fierce, and the outcome is always unpredictable. –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Five Senses – A Unique Sensory Experience

When were your senses last developed? This event engages taste, hearing, sight, touch, and smell in a multisensory experience that tests participants’ perception skills. –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Movie Game – The Charm of Cinema

For cinema enthusiasts, the “Movie Game” is an unforgettable experience. Participants dive into iconic movie scenes, solving puzzles related to famous films, delightful soundtracks, enduring characters, and much more. We’ll stimulate your imagination, asking you to reinterpret famous scenes, participate in dubbing, improvise dialogue, and take on a cinematic challenge that highlights participants’ knowledge of movies. –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Sarabanda – What a Musical Maestro!

If music is your passion, the choice is clear! A musical adventure that tests participants’ musical knowledge and singing abilities. –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Casino – Strategy and Luck

With game tables and professional croupiers for those who want to try their luck as a team. –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Mysterious Objects – A Challenge to the Imagination

A box for each team with various eccentric objects inside. Will sight alone reveal their purpose? –> Click HERE to learn more

  • Escape Dinner – In Every Season

Riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers enclosed in a box, suitable for all seasons. –> Click HERE to learn more


The Choice Is Yours!

Leave behind the tedium of corporate dinners and embrace the exciting world of team building during dinner. Come and discover the formats that best suit your needs and get ready for an evening that will leave a lasting impression. Corporate dinners no longer have to be a simple dining and socializing event. Now, they can be transformed into engaging and memorable experiences through team building. These events offer the opportunity to challenge skills, build the team, and make corporate dinners much more interesting. So, the next time someone asks if you’re tired of the same old corporate dinner, you can respond enthusiastically, “Absolutely not, we’re about to experience an unforgettable adventure!”


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