Fresco + CSI

Fresco + CSI for Todis

Todis, a renowned supermarket chain, turned to us to organize various team building events together over the years. For their commercial network, we crafted an engaging experience combining Fresco Painting and CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). We conceptualized a team building event that allowed employees to collaborate on creating a large fresco painting in the morning and participate in a crime investigation activity in the afternoon. The aim was to foster collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, communication, and strategic thinking.

The event took place in the splendid setting of La Tenuta dei Ciclamini, with an expansive outdoor area dedicated to fresco painting and multiple stations for the CSI activity. Employees were divided into diverse teams, blending members from different departments. Participants worked together to paint the fresco, using vibrant colors and symbols that represented Todis’ values and culture. Later, they examined clues, solved puzzles, and interrogated “suspects” during the CSI activity. The “Fresco Painting + CSI” event yielded remarkable outcomes for Todis. Employees developed a heightened awareness of the importance of teamwork and effective communication.

They learned to share ideas, tackle complex problems, and collaborate towards a common goal. The experience facilitated stronger bonds among employees and promoted an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. From the “Fresco Painting + CSI” event, we learned that combining creative activities with problem-solving tasks can engage employees actively and foster connections between teams. Todis recognized the value of such initiatives in enhancing team cohesion and decided to regularly integrate team building events into their corporate strategy. What’s next? Stay tuned!