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Tinkering for Philips: Building Biplanes in Bologna


Philips recently collaborated with us to organize a fun Team Building event: Tinkering. The aim of the activity was to promote the creativity and collaboration among employees. Divided into three teams, participants were challenged to test their creative and collaborative skills by building biplanes using a wide range of available materials.


Each team worked diligently to plan and build their own biplane, using their ingenuity and manual skills to bring their vision to life. With the help of our experts, the participants worked together synergistically, overcoming challenges along the way. Despite the encountered challenges, the group demostrated great determination and team spirit, tirelessly working to complete the biplanes within the allotted time.


At the end of the activity, the biplanes were examined and evaluated by our jury, which appreciated the work done by each team. The end result was outstanding: three unique biplanes full of creativity were successfully realized. In addition to the satisfaction of completing the activity, participants had the opportunity to strengthen team bonds, develop problem-solving skills and enjoy a fun experience together.


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