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Cinema for Netflix

Netflix, a leading company in the entertainment industry known for producing and distributing high-quality content, chose us to organize their first team building event. The aim was to strengthen bonds among team members and promote creativity and collaboration. We developed an engaging experience called “Cinema” that transformed the venue into an interactive movie set, engaging Netflix employees in creative and enjoyable activities.

Participants were divided into teams, each taking on different roles such as directors, actors, screenwriters, and camera operators. Equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, teams had the opportunity to develop an idea for their short film, write the screenplay, organize the shooting, and perform the scenes. The “Cinema” event yielded exceptional results for Netflix. Employees enjoyed working together, showcasing their creativity and skills.

They learned how to communicate effectively, solve problems collaboratively, and work under pressure to meet production deadlines. Creating the short films allowed participants to express their creativity and experience various roles in the filmmaking process. This fostered greater mutual understanding and created a sense of team belonging.