Cocktail Building + Sarabanda

Cocktail Building + Sarabanda for Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Italy, an internationally renowned automobile company, partnered with us to organize a unique team building event for their year-end gathering. They combined the activities of “Cocktail” and “Sarabanda” in a splendid location in Tivoli. The company aimed to strengthen team cohesion, encourage creativity, and foster a positive work environment through a colorful and vibrant team building event.

During the event, participants learned mixology techniques to create unique cocktails and continued the evening with an interactive experience that facilitated dialogue, collaboration, and enjoyment. Participants were divided into teams and received mixology lessons from professional bartenders. They learned basic techniques for cocktail preparation and were challenged to create original recipes that reflected their company values.

For dinner, they chose musical entertainment, Sarabanda, an engaging activity featuring live music that promoted a fun and relaxing atmosphere, encouraging socialization and strengthening bonds. The event contributed to creating a more positive and cohesive work environment, fostering interaction among Mercedes employees and reinforcing team relationships. It provided an opportunity for participants to get to know their colleagues better, facilitate collaboration across different departments, and cultivate a more solid and close-knit corporate culture.