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Cartoon Car Race

Cartoon Car Race for L'Oréal

400 L’Oréal employees, the world’s leading company in the beauty & cosmetics industry, engaged in a colorful and fun team building activity, the Cartoon Car Race. The company wanted to provide their employees with a break from the classroom setting and involve them in a enjoyable and creative experience with a touch of friendly competition. Teams took on the challenge of designing and building automobiles using cardboard, colorful tape, and other provided materials.

They had the freedom to shape the cars, making them unique and creative. After a parade that allowed us to reward the most beautiful car, the teams participated in a speed race on a specially prepared track. One person positioned themselves inside the car as the driver, another pushed the car along the track, while the remaining participants cheered and supported their colleagues.

The teams had the opportunity to showcase their creativity in car design and their determination in the race. The event contributed to creating a more dynamic and cohesive work environment, providing an opportunity for participants to get to know each other better, fostering collaboration across different divisions, and enhancing a sense of belonging and motivation within the L’Oréal organization.