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Carton Boat

Carton Boat for Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision wanted to give its team a special day of challenges and fun by organizing the “Carton Boat” team building event with us on the beach. The main goal was to encourage collaboration among employees, stimulate creativity, and provide them with an extraordinary experience. Each team received limited materials: cardboard sheets, rolls of colored tape, and scissors; they added the essential ingredients: commitment and creativity! Everyone quickly showed their willingness to create the most resilient and functional boat possible, pooling their skills.

As the hours passed, the boats took shape, and participants began making them more creative and personalized. Some teams added colorful details and accessories, while others came up with funny names for their vessels. Each boat was a unique work of art that reflected the personality and creativity of the teams. Once completed, with a mix of excitement and hope, the participants prepared for the challenge. One by one, the boats were put into the water, and the teams did their best to make them float and cover a short distance. Despite the difficulty of the task, smiles were everywhere. Even when some boats sank or capsized, the team spirit prevailed, and everyone joined forces to help the boat’s captain and bring the vessels back afloat.

Despite the friendly rivalry, it didn’t matter who won or lost. What mattered was the sense of unity, collaboration, and fun they had shared.
In conclusion, the “Carton Boat” team building morning on the beach allowed Johnson & Johnson employees to have fun, learn to collaborate better, and create lasting memories. It’s always fascinating to see how experiential team building learning can be both educational and enjoyable. The event allowed everyone to step out of the office, breathe in the fresh sea air, and experience something entirely different together. It strengthened the bond among colleagues and created a sense of accomplishment that we hope will continue to inspire the team in future challenges.