Iperceramica and RistrutturaSMART






Treasure Hunt


Treasure Hunt for Iperceramica e RistrutturaSMART

The companies IPERCERAMICA and RistrutturaSMART, composed of a network of professionals working hand in hand to provide customers with targeted and comprehensive services in sales and renovation, expressed the desire to strengthen collaboration and communication among departments.

To achieve this goal, they turned to Kore, a communication agency specialized in organizing events both in Italy and abroad. Together with them, we organized a team building event named “Treasure Hunt” for 350 participants through the magnificent streets of Paris. We proposed a team building event “Treasure Hunt” focused on the theme of design and beauty, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and effective communication.

The aim was to create an inclusive environment where employees could interact, share ideas, and build strong relationships. The event took place on the streets of Paris, featuring a blend of interactive activities, problem-solving exercises, and design-themed riddles within the splendid city that hosted them. We formed cross-functional workgroups by mixing employees from different departments to promote integration and collaboration between teams.