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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci for Gallas Group

For years, Gallas Group, a labor agency authorized by the Ministry of Labor, specializing in the recruitment and selection of domestic personnel, has chosen us for their team building events. This year, once again in the historic setting of CastelBrando, we designed an engaging experience called “Leonardo da Vinci” that allowed participants to immerse themselves in the world of art and invention. The event took place at the picturesque CastelBrando, a location that provided the perfect atmosphere to delve into the Renaissance era.

Guests were divided into teams and engaged in a team building activity centered around the figure of Leonardo da Vinci, one of humanity’s greatest geniuses. The objective was to stimulate participants’ creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving skills through the creation of models of Leonardo’s machines. Participants had the opportunity to express their creativity, work in teams, and put their skills to the test. They discovered new resources and abilities within themselves and their colleagues.

Through the Leonardo da Vinci-inspired team building, participants developed a deeper understanding of innovation and thinking outside the box. They learned the importance of working together to achieve common goals and solidified bonds among team members. From the experience of the “Leonardo da Vinci” event, we learned that the use of historical figures and inspiring themes can heighten participants’ enthusiasm and interest, stimulating their creativity, and promoting a mindset open to innovation.