Villa Campari in Milan


Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction for Campari

Campari is a well-known company, a leader in the alcoholic beverage industry, recognized for its quality products and Italian tradition. They approached us to organize a team building event at the enchanting Villa Campari in Milan, one that would promote collaboration, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking. They wanted something highly collaborative and with a strong corporate metaphor, and Chain Reaction was just what they needed! The activity involves a series of linked actions to achieve a final goal. To do so, careful strategic planning, close participant collaboration, and creative problem-solving are required.

Participants, divided into teams, designed and built a large-scale Rube Goldberg machine using various materials. Each team had to collaborate, communicate effectively, and leverage the diverse skills of team members to successfully complete the chain reaction. Participants developed a sense of teamwork and a strategic problem-solving approach. They learned the importance of effective communication, mutual trust, and sharing knowledge to achieve a common goal.

They also enhanced their problem-solving, lateral thinking, and critical thinking skills. They found themselves adapting quickly to changes, coming up with creative solutions, and managing time efficiently. . Overall, the “Chain Reaction” team building event demonstrated the value of interaction, collaboration, and creativity in fostering a positive and unifying work environment. It provided a memorable experience that left a lasting impression on participants and contributed to strengthening the Campari spirit.