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Lego Building

Lego Building for Boehringer Ingelheim

Building something of great impact and strong corporate value using simple Lego bricks is possible! This is demonstrated by the team building event we organized in collaboration with Chrysalis, an events and communication agency, in the beautiful and vibrant city of Berlin. The event was held for Boehringer Ingelheim, a German company among the world’s leading pharmaceuticals, and saw the participation of 400 individuals.

They sought an activity that would stimulate them to explore new ideas, apply lateral thinking, and develop innovative solutions for future challenges. We proposed a Lego Building activity, centered around constructing a city of the future. Participants worked in teams to create architectural models and innovative ideas that represented a vision of a sustainable, technologically advanced, and well-being-oriented future city. Teams collaborated in designing and building buildings, infrastructure, and innovative solutions.

They used their creativity to integrate elements like renewable energy, smart technologies, parks, green spaces, and sustainable transportation into their project. Each team was tasked with creating a portion of the city. When the parts were combined, the result was astounding! The “Lego Building” team building event for Boehringer in Berlin was a success, providing employees with an engaging experience that promoted teamwork and a forward-looking global perspective!