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The Adventure of Team Building Bootcamp

Imagine yourself in a dynamic and engaging outdoor environment, perhaps within a beautiful and lush park. With the Bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate how your team spirit can be the key to success in tackling many different challenges. Cobwebs, bridges, A-frames, “acid” puddles–nothing impossible for a close-knit, united team.


A circuit of engaging trials

Our Bootcamp offers a circuit of varied tests designed to test your team skills and adaptability. Each team will go through all the trials, ensuring a continuous experience with no breaks between trials. With the support of our dedicated staff, you will face challenges in strategy, problem-solving, communication and trust, paving the way for collaboration and creative thinking. A valuable format for enhancing your team’s soft skills.


Promoting leadership and motivation:

Bootcamp is the perfect activity to foster a sense of teamwork, leadership and trust within your group. But not only that! Each member will have the opportunity to contribute their own skills and learn from others. You will enthusiastically celebrate successes and face challenges together. You will learn to trust each other, listen to each other and make quick and effective decisions.


Personalization and connection with nature:

Our Team Building Bootcamp can be customized to fit the needs of your group. You can choose an outdoor location, such as a sports center, a beautiful garden or a park, that provides sufficient space for team activities. We will then go together to define, in the design phase, which trials to include within the circuit to better achieve your goals. This activity will not only give you the opportunity to connect with nature, but will also help you reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and strengthen your sense of group belonging.



Get ready for a stimulating and rewarding experience with “Bootcamp”! In addition to improving your team skills, you will develop mental resilience, determination and the ability to overcome obstacles. You will be ready to face each challenge with determination and confidence, ready to grow together as a group and as individuals.


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