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AperiBuilding: a new approach to Team Building 🍸


In the world of team building activities, innovation is key. Companies are constantly looking for fresh and engaging ways to promote team cohesion, creativity and collaboration among their employees. So here is AperiBuilding – a new format that combines the art of finger food creation with creativity in the pairing of innovative cocktails.

What is AperiBuilding?

AperiBuilding represents a departure from traditional team building exercises, offering a unique blend of culinary exploration and teamwork. Participants are tasked with creating a variety of delicious finger foods, each designed to delight the palate and stimulate conversation. They won’t have recipes to follow, but plenty of ingredients to create unusual and tasty mixes.

What sets AperiBuilding apart is its focus on the creative process.

Teams are encouraged to experiment with flavors, textures and presentations; AperiBuilding encourages participants to think outside the box and push the limits of their culinary skills.

AperiBuilding is more than just a cooking class!

It’s a Team Building experience that promotes collaboration, communication and camaraderie. As teams work together to prepare and plate their creations, they learn to communicate effectively, delegate tasks and solve problems in real time. And as they sit down to enjoy the fruits of their labor, they forge deeper connections and lasting memories.

The Benefits of AperiBuilding are noumerous:

  1. Fosters Collaboration: AperiBuilding requires participants to work together to create delicious dishes and cocktails.
  2. Stimulates Creativity: Participants have the freedom to experiment with ingredients and flavor combinations, stimulating creativity and innovation.
  3. Promotes Teamwork: During the activity, participants learn to solve problems together and handle challenges, thus improving teamwork.
  4. Create a Relaxed Environment: AperiBuilding’s informal atmosphere helps employees relax and get to know their colleagues better outside the formal work environment.
  5. Increases Motivation: Offering a fun and rewarding experience like AperiBuilding can increase employee motivation and enthusiasm.
  6. Promotes Wellness: Fresh food preparation and socializing during the event improves participants’ mental and physical well-being.

Corporate identity

The format offers a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their creativity and innovation. Participants can tailor the experience to reflect their own corporate culture and values. Whether it’s a themed cocktail inspired by the company’s latest product launch or finger food enhanced with the corporate brand colors, AperiBuilding provides a platform to express corporate identity in a fun and engaging way.

An investment in Your Team

From a practical point of view, the format offers numerous benefits to companies looking to invest in their team development. By combining culinary activities with team-building exercises, the activity offers a multifaceted approach to skills training. Participants not only learn culinary techniques, but more importantly they develop fundamental teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills that are invaluable in the workplace.

Furthermore, Aperibuilding can be a valuable tool for employee retention and morale. Offering unique and engaging team building experiences such as AperiBuilding can help companies stand out by fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among employees.


In conclusion, AperiBuilding represents a fresh and innovative approach to team building that combines the art of culinary creation with the art of cocktail pairing. It fosters creativity, collaboration and camaraderie, offering companies a unique opportunity to invest in their team development, creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

So why settle for traditional team building exercises when you can embark on a culinary adventure with AperiBuilding? It’s time to think innovatively and elevate the team building experience to new levels!

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